Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadia's Profile

I teach French at Mount Albert Grammar School in Auckland and occasionally have some ESOL students. I taught ESOL at Whangarei Girls High School a few years ago, and at some private language schools here in Auckland.  I was also teaching English part-time in Croatia where I come from and where I was a journalist in a daily paper for more than twenty years. I mainly wrote in the sections of arts and culture but was very interested in environmental issues too. Some 10-15 years ago I became actively involved in the green movement in Croatia and in the Mediterranean, took part in establishing  a network of environmental NGOs in the Mediterranean (MedForum) and was its vice-president in late '90s.

However, since moving to New Zealand I’ve completely shifted into languages, linguistics and language teaching. Currently I am working on my PhD research study in L2 acquisition at the University of Auckland.  Otherwise I have a B.A. in English and Comparative Literature, CELTA Cambridge, Postgrad Dipl. in Teaching and MA in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from the University of Auckland.  

The photo attached to this posting was taken  in very early morning hours, at sunrise  in Auckland 


  1. This blog looks really nice--far better than my first one! Your use of photos really helps to focus the interest. I really like the rainbow photos.

    As you get to use this tool, you will gradually learn how to best to use for your own particular purposes, but those readings that we did will certainly provide a variety of excellent ideas.

    Happy blogging,


  2. Thanks, Veronica, your words are really encouraging. I'll keep going, lov exploring new things.

  3. Zdravo, Nadia.

    I enjoyed learning a bit more about you: your professional background is fascinating!

    I also enjoyed seeing the photo of sunrise in Auckland. Sunrise and sunset are also very colorful here in Arizona, U.S.A.!

    Best wishes--

    Dennis in Phoenix

  4. Hi Nadia
    your blog looks really good - I enjoyed reading about your background. I live in the South of France and there is still a lot that needs doing to protect the Mediterranean ! I imagine that Auckland is a much wilder place than around the Med !
    best wishes
    Helen in Nice

  5. Hi Helen, hi Dennis,

    thank you very much for your comments, it's really nice and encouraging to hear that you like this blog. It's my first one, so I'm a complete beginner in this regard (although writing has been my profession so to say ever since - but in a different field).
    Yes, Helen, I know the situation in the Mediterranean quite well, particularly the problems with sea pollution, desertification, etc. But it's reaching us everywhere, we're just experiencing unbearable humidity and heat in this part of the world these days..
    Dennis, I haven'n been to Arizona but remember seeing some beautiful photos in magazines and books!
    Thanks and all the best, Nadia