Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fifty-word fun activity (topic 3)

Years ago, I had a class of rowdy boys who seemed to be unmanageable. Everyone, including me, complained about them. One day, a principal came in for evaluating purposes. Unexpectedly, the boys behaved themselves, were cooperative, engaged in all tasks. The principal was impressed: I even got a pay rise.


  1. Zdravo, Nadia.

    Very interesting indeed. What, I wonder, accounted for the unexpected change in behavior? Was it the fact that the principal was there and the boys knew that they should be on their best behavior? Did you do something different in conducting the class, insofar as you can remember? Or do you think it was just a happenstance?

    Best wishes—

    Dennis in Phoenix

  2. Bok Dennis,

    I was asking these questions myself as well, at that time...and I still remember this just because of the reasons why they behaved so differently. I talked to the boys later (it was really long ago) and guess what? I hadn't told them anything but they knew, or were suspecting, that I was the one who was to be assessed by the principal- and therefore they were so nice and, actually, helpful! Wasn't that neat!
    They were all actually great people inside but liked to show off and attract attention by that unruly behavour.