Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quelle connerie la guerre

More than two months since the last posting -  too busy with reporting on the pilot study, statistics, working on the wiki for French senior classes, started the data collection for the main study, etc, etc. However, I've decided to carry on, at least from time to time, maybe even more than that. We'll see...

Today was ANZAC Day -  memories, thoughts, everyone talking. On a radio programme yesterday  many were calling and telling the stories of their families, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, relatives ... and nearly everyone said: the men who returned from war hardly ever or never talked about it. Nearly everyone said that. That's it. Those who know what the war is and who went through it, they don't talk. Those who don't know they talk. 

I copied Prévert's Barbara and embedded the video on the wiki for students. Here is an English translation, better than some others I have seen.

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